How to Understand Your Customer Retention Situation

On the home page of RetentionGrid you will find simple data visualizations that help you assess how well your business is retaining customers.

Let’s start with the One-Time Buyers (area 1). This will tell you what percentage of your customers have only bought from you once during the entire history of your business online.

80% of all customers for this shop only bought once. That might be shocking, but it’s a common problem. In fact, that’s the reason RetentionGrid exists: To solve the One-Time Buyer problem for small and midsized e-commerce shops. It’s important to note that this number on The Grid is for all time, so it might not reflect how you have been improving retention since your business first started.

A recent perspective on retention can be found in your Percent of Orders from Repeat Customers (area 2). This is a month by month view of orders from customers that bought two or more times. If that percent is low, you need to work on retention. If that percent is very high, you need to improve acquisition while maintaining a good share of Loyal customers.

Your share of Loyal customers can be found by clicking on the center of the Green rectangle on The Grid. An info box will pop up (area 3) that shows your percent of Loyal customers versus the entire customer base, as well as the the overall percent of orders and revenue they have contributed. The shop in this example has a concerning situation with regards to customer loyalty. If you are focusing on acquisition, you should also be sure to keep your share of Loyal customers at a healthy percentage.

Evaluate the customer retention situation of your business right now by logging into your RetentionGrid application:

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