Smarter Marketing with Smart Sets

Smart Sets are pre-saved filters that are found on the Customer Grid page of RetentionGrid. They allow you to easily create more advanced segments for your retention marketing campaigns. The goal is to engage customers with the right offers at the right time based on a transitioning customer lifecycle status in order to win more repeat orders and increase customer lifetime value.

Ideally you will want to open your RetentionGrid and look at each Smart Set as you review this tutorial:

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Let’s review each Smart Set in a little more detail:

Newly Loyal - These are loyal customers who have placed their last order within the last seven days and have placed a total of four or more orders. Your campaign can offer exclusive access to loyalty programs, or encourage referral business from friends and family. This set of customers is usually not price-sensitive - on average they spend 33% more money, so be cautious with discounts and even upsell other products in your communications.

Drifting Away - These are one-time buyers who have passed from New to Drifting within the last seven days, which means that 31-37 days have passed since their first order. Your campaign should subtly remind them of your brand and encourage another purchase. A small, time-limited discount is often quite effective with this set.

Going to Sleep - The customers in this category have placed up to three orders and just passed from the Drifting segment to the Sleeper segment within the last week (ninety-seven days since the last order). Remind them of your brand, and feel free to be more persistent and bold in your messaging. You want to catch their attention and wake them up!

Loyals Leaving - These are your best, highest value customers who have placed five or more orders but have en entered the At-Risk segment in the last week. You want to try very hard to win these previously loyal customers back. Very personal emails or even phone calls could be helpful with getting the attention of these customers.

Have you opened your RetentionGrid to explore your Smart Sets? If not, click here to give them a whirl:

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