Filtering Segments for Greater Campaign ROI

RetentionGrid has a visual segment builder that allows you to refine your customer selection based on filters. This article is about the ones we call Smart Filters

Smart Filters are a powerful feature that can show you the customers who spend the most money with you, those who like to use coupons, and the high value ones you need to reach with advertising because they are opted out of email marketing.

RetentionGrid Filters Interface

Big Spenders - These are customers with purchases in the top 20% of average order value. You might want to apply this segment if you are rolling out a new, more expensive product, as these people are more likely to spend the big bucks.

Coupon Clippers - These are customers who have used a coupon at least once. This category is more receptive towards special offers or promotions. This might be a good filter to apply when you are having a special sale or promotion.

Invest in Ads - This filter is for customers who do not accept email marketing, have an average order value greater than the overall level, and have purchased in the last ninety days. They should be targeted with ads. After applying the filter, download a CSV to use the list for custom audience targeting on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ads.

Want to filter more? You're in luck. Beyond the Smart Filters, we offer even more filtering customization:

Average Order Value - You can manually fine-tune your segment by adjusting the average order value. Perhaps you wish to clear inventory with sales. In that case, it makes more sense to target customers with lower order value as opposed to Big Spenders; see how much you can clear before making other customer segments price sensitive. Another example of how average order value comes into play is for new product launch. Let’s say you have a new item - you can easily search for customers who buy in that price range to make sure you get enough sales traction.

You also have the option to either include or exclude Accepts Email Marketing, Has An Account, or has/has not used coupons. As we discussed above, if a customer opts out of email marketing, you can target them in other ways including targeted ads. It might also be useful to know if customers have used coupons in the past, if not they might not be price sensitive and you might want to avoid offering them.

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